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Easy Nutrition for Healthy Runners Programme PLUS Invitations to LIVE trainings and membership of FREE Private Facebook Group - join a community of like minded healthy runners PLUS Priority booking and special offers for events and retreats

  • 15 Easy Nutrition For Healthy Runners VIDEOS - short and informative

  • Easy Nutrition For Healthy Runners Handouts and Templates

  • Recipes and Menu Planners

  • Athlete Plate Diagrams for your training and race days

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to the Runners Nutrition ZONE
    • Welcome to Runners Nutrition ZONE
  • 2
    Easy Nutrition For Healthy Runners Programme Videos
    • 1. Learning the fundamentals of everyday nutrition
    • 2. Principles of Sports Nutrition
    • 3. Insights in Blood Sugar Balance
    • 4. An introduction to FIVE Healthy ROUTINES for great health
    • 5. Food For Performance
    • 6.PRACTICAL TIPS for food planning and Prep
    • 7. Planning Your Training
    • 8a. Nutrition For Your Training
    • 8b. Nutrition For Your Training
    • 9. Easy to prepare food for runners
    • 10b. Hydration Pre:During Training
    • 11. Hydration in Action
    • 12. Post-Training Nutrition
    • 13. Digestive Issues and Runners
    • 14. Until Next Time
  • 3
    Easy Nutrition For Healthy Runners RESOURCES (handouts and templates)
    • Self Assesment and Goals
    • Portion Guide
    • Menu & Training Planner Healthy
    • Angela - One Day Meal Plan
    • Brian - One Day Meal Plan
    • Christine - One Day Meal Plan
    • Connor - One Day Meal Plan
    • Healthy Store Cupboard Essentials
    • Food and Symptoms Diary updated 30.5.19
    • Electrolyte drink
    • Easy Nutrition for Healthy Runners Food Plates x4

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  • Karen Campbell

    Co Founder of Easy Nutrition for Healthy Runners

    Karen Campbell

    Karen is an Ultra Runner and specialises in Personalised Nutrition for Endurance Runners from beginners to competitive endurance runners to elite and professional runners. Karen is a Registered Sports Nutritional Therapist and owner of
  • Aileen Smith

    Co Founder of Easy Nutrition For Healthy Runners

    Aileen Smith

    Aileen is a recreational runner (started in her 40's and enjoys Park Runs, 10k's and half marathons, and has 10 Great North Runs under her belt). In business she specialises in promoting High Flying Energy with all her clients and loves a complex case working with clients with digestive, hormonal and autoimmune conditions. Aileen also delivers corporate wellbeing programmes for the workplace. Aileen is a Registered Nutritional Therapist and the owner of

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